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Binghamton LAL

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Link Miles LAL
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GSE Systems (was S3 Technologies)

Western Services Corp


Simulator-related stuff on the Web


One of our competitors, L-3 MAPPS, issues a periodic brochure on their products. In issue 45, of January 2018, on page 12, there is a discussion of some of the challenges which they (and Singer) faced in the early days of power plant simulation.

To see this, click here, then go down to page 12.

(07/15/2018, revised 06/17/2020)


There is a nuclear plant which is being rented out for shooting movies. See here. The power plant itself is described here.



An article about small modular nuclear reactors appears here. It mentions Ft. St. Vrain - Singer bid on that simulator in the early 1970s. A historical summary of the plant, which shows the teething troubles with a new technology, is here.

A video of an exercise on a nuclear plant simulator.


A history of Systems Engineering Laboratories, the manufacturer of a series of computers used in many simulators, especially on the commercial side, is here and here and here. One SEL was repurposed as a game computer. (06/17/2020)


A video of restored Blue Boxes here
(Thanks to Thomas Durkin for this)


Jeff Beish's page, incorporating several aircraft simulator photos and some history - opens in a new window. (Thanks, Jeff)

Groups on relating to simulators: power plant simulation group, singer link simulation systems alumni group






Link Sim Systems Division Alumni

Power Plant Simulators




Wikipedia has a nice article on flight simulators.


Here is a general description of a flight sim


A discussion group for flight sim technicians, including some of the pranks they played on pilot trainees.

Other nuclear power related items

It seems that two separate groups of people took clandestine tours of an abandoned BWR (Shoreham). One video is here and the other is here. They are 47 and 14 minutes long, respectively. (08/30/2017)


Here is a virtual tour of the Nuclear Ship Savannah


Here is a nice explanation about how Three Mile Island went wrong. (about 37 minutes long)


Here is a blog about nuclear power



Simulation Blogs (mostly not training, however)


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