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John Haak and his wife Kim (whose father, Ken Pommerenck, worked for Link from 1953 to 1986) would like to find photos of Link employees at work with the Gemini flight simulators. If anyone has such photos, or has found the way to obtain declassified NASA photos please contact them at mtnparson [at] They hope to find the way to do this so that other Link employee families might see what their dad's did for the USA Space program. (4/9/2021)

There has been an announcement that CAE will acquire the L3Harris military training unit. This includes a bunch of flight simulation work, including what it called "Link". See here for one article on it.

The CAE announcement is here. The L3Harris announcement is here.

A Fox News writeup is here.

Larry Wall commented

I actually lost track years ago the state of Link ownership. I see in this article that mostly recently L3 (that Link was part of?) merged with Harris Corp to form L3Harris. I recall Harris had numerous division back in the 80s/90s including military electronics but they also owned the Computer systems Division that we all loved so much that made those wonderful 24-bit super mini HX000 models that utilized the high speed and revolutionary data communication method of shared memory. I guess Harris figured out multi-access cloud computing before Al Gore even invented the internet. Maybe the Canadians will resume the pension payments, eh.



Ion Deaton has published a new book:   "Tales from Appalachia's Ionic One"

His description is:

From the land of soaring Appalachian mountains, come wonderful true stories of the hardy folk that this beautiful but sometimes harsh region has nurtured.

I wrote it mainly for my descendents but am offering it to the general public to see it. It has significant mass market appeal. The book includes a total of about one hundred stand-alone tales from the seven time periods to make for more interesting reading.


Dennis Koranik has published a new SF book:
"From Lightning to the Light"
Take a look at it. The Amazon description is:

This fast-paced science fiction story for young and old includes time travel, a teenage girl superhero, and romance. It encourages continual reliance on God. The story takes place over a 500-year time span.

Dennis says "He wrote the book mainly for science fiction lovers that don't like being bombarded with aliens and dark forces. The people that like the book the best seem to be children 10-15 due to the superhero content. A lot of present day topics are covered and it provides parents a way to break the ice and talk to their children about issues that they would normally have a hard time to talk about. Children also don't like stories that are too long (given their fascination with Instant Messaging). It all started when I was trying to teach my children about writing essays and short stories. The rest is history."




If you are retired and entitled to or already receiving retirement benefits from your Singer-Link pension, the plan is administered by Lockheed Martin*. Retirees should call the Lockheed Martin Service Center at 866-562-2363 for questions. If you have not yet retired, you should call the same number to determine your status and steps necessary for initiating your retirement benefits. *Some retirees received information in 2019 about the transfer of their retirement benefit to an insurance company, such as Prudential, and should contact the appropriate company for questions.



If you remained with Link after the CAE acquisition, your retirement benefit for employment after 3/31/1990 is administered by Raytheon. For questions, you should call 800-358-1231 or access the web site below:


2022 Update on Raytheon - New



Dear Raytheon Technologies Pension Plan Participant

Over the past several months, we've been making progress to integrate Raytheon Technologies benefits and programs. This affects you as a former Raytheon employuee as effective Jan 1,2022 the Raytheon Technologies Pension Service Center will handle all activites related to your pension plan benefits. BNY Mellon will continue to process your benefit payments. Here are some changes that you can expect:


Beginning Jan 1, 2022, you'll be able to access your pension information online at When you first access this website, you will come to a landing page where you will select Heritage Raytheon, which will take you to a Milti-Factor Authentiation (MFA) login page. You will then enter your username and password if already registered, or if not, you can hit the "Register as a first-time-user" link and follow the instructions.


From, you will be able to access a new BNY Mellon website without the need to sign in. New features will be available on the BNY Mellon site including the ability view payment information, download tax forms and get more detail on payments, including history.


There is a new number to reach the Pension Service enter. Please call AccessDirect at 1-800-243-8135 and follow the Pension Plan prompt. Representatives are available Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 8 PM Eastern time (ET). Effective with your Jan 1,2022 payment, monthly advices for payments that are made via direct deposit will only be provided if there is a change in benefit.


Raytheon Technologies Pension Service Center

(Thanks to Buzz Spencer for this 01/10/22)


This file last modified on January 10, 2022