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Florida gettogether

Link retirees lunch, Tues March 10, 12:00 at Catches Waterfront Grille,7811 Bayview St, Port Richey, Fl.
Any and all retirees are invited.
RSVP by Mar 6 to Norm Macturk
nmacturk@hotmail.com or

Rufus Hunter

Thanks to Norm Macturk for this information

Link Trainer at Pax River Museum

Linda and Lewis Kessler report that they visited the Patuxent River Museum. They have a few aircraft simulators. Among these is this . The people at Pax River are trying to get it into working order.
If you know anyting which might help, you can contact them at
www.association@paxmuseum.org or (301)863-1900. Ask for a Docent. The one Linda and Lewis were talking to is Wes.


Thanks to the Kesslers for this. (07/24/2019)

Future of Nuclear Power

Here is an article on the status of commerical nuclear power in the US.

Reunion News

There will not be a general reunion this fall (2017). A notice will be distributed by the end of the year about the possibility of a reunion in 2018. If you have any suggestions for future events, please send them to Phil Hoeper. (09/05/2017)


Bellefonte Nuclear Plant

For those of you who worked on commercial power plants, the following might be of interest: The Tennesee Valley Authority recently announced that it would auction off the site of the Bellefonte power plant.

TVA had been building the plant since the 1970s. Singer built a simulator for it in the early 1980s.


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