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Pictures - Military - TORT

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TORT sign
TORT sign  
TORT device label
Device Label  
control Room
TORT Control board  
control room
TORT control room  
Part of computer complex  

The pictures on this page were kindly supplied by Lawrence Stover, who also sent the following descriptions:

The device shown above is 2F140 TORT (Tactical Operations Readiness Trainer)

TORT #4 was installed at NAS Brunswick, Maine in 1989 and has been in use up until today, 11/30/09. I believe it was known as L-12 while in plant. NAS Brunswick is in the process of being closed and the Trainer will be off-line as of tomorrow.

It's been modified numerous times over the years but it's basically the same as the day it left the plant. It's been a good trainer. Unfortunately, they don't make them like this anymore.

Six of the cabinets are Harris H-1200 Computers. (two cabinets per Computer). One side of each is the "computer" and the other side is for options boards/peripherals. You can also see a couple of UPSs installed along with an ARRAID system which replaced the older FUJI 474 MB hard drive with a removable hard drive. The other two taller cabinets hold the RADAR simulation computer (which originally started off using MOTOROLA computers but are now done using DELL Computers) and another doing some separate acoustic simulation.

Not in the pictures are three more rows of cabinets. Another with more Harris H-1200 computers with shared memory racks etc., (not visible) a row of about 10 cabinets with all the acoustic generator cards (ATG) and another with all the I/O.

On February 6, 2010, Larry sent the following:
All the trainers have been removed and the keys are being turned over to the BRAC people Monday. The Flight Trainer was the only one kept and that was moved to NAS Jacksonville and will be up and running March 1st.



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