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Pictures of Link 2005 Reunion

(click on picture for larger version)Please provide or correct names of those shown.
For each picture, please identify the row and picture number from left to right! Send corrections and comments to
Phil Hoeper

Roland & Charmaine Herschell
Roland &
Charmaine Hershchell  
 [Novaleen Broderick] [Harriet Hibbs][Morris Ackerman]
Group 1  
Bernie & Shorty Heath
Bernie &
Shorty Heath  
Buzz Spencer - Roger Swartz - Dick Oliver
Group 2  
Lorna Spencer Bill Dabb Bob Aebli Pete Opar
Link Group 3    
Bob Taggart Megan Glancy
Bob Taggart &
Megan Glancy  
Bob Taggart Megan Glancy
Bob Taggart &
Megan Glancy    
[Kathy McFarland, Rudy Baker, Al Piesco]
Link Group 4  
Lee & Joe Hock
Lee & Joe Hock  
Paul & Mary Ann Moyer
Paul & Mary Ann Moyer  
Megan glancy & Gail Zehner
Megan Glancy & Gail Zehner  
Noveleene Broderick & Name ?
Noveleene Broderick & Name ?  
Mary Ann Paul Moyer &<br> Charmaine Herschell
Mary Ann Moyer &
Charmaine Herschell  
Harriet Hibbs, Novaleen Broderick, Jack Rollison, Morris Ackerman, Ron Kragler
Group 5  
Al Piesco, Joe CUnniffe,  Ron Poe, Rudy Baker, Bill Dabb, Glen Davis
Group 6  
Iva Townsend &  Pete Opar
Iva Townsend & Pete Opar  
Iva Opar & Red Townsend
Iva & Red Townsend  
Lorna Spencer, Carl Farrell, Atul kuman, Gloria Huffmaster
Group 7  
Bill Dabb, Don Butler, Gooyoong Shin
Bill Dabb
Don Butler
Gooyong Shin 
Kathy McFarland & Pete Opar
Kathy McFarland & Pete Opar  
Walt Hendrix & Rudy Baker
Walt Hendrix  
Rudy Baker  
Carol Kosydar & Shorty Heath
Carol Kosydar
Shorty Heath  
Lorna & Buzz Spencer
The Buzz Spencer's  
Joyce & Walt Hendrix
Joyce & Walt Hendrix  
Dave Williams & Lorna Spencer
Dave Williams &
Lorna Spencer  




















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