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Quirky Items

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During some projects, we noticed strange things. For example, motivational objects handed out to improve morale:


Black Fox

Black Fox

LINK 50th


Vogtle simulator T-shirt
Black Fox simulator T_shirt
Black Fox simulator Belt Buckle
Link 50th Anniversary T_shirt
Uniform patch and lapel pin for Canadian forces CP-140 trainer

Link always had the finest quality souvenirs



There were various items handed out for morale etc. Some of them are here (Thanks to Leon Lehman for this 12/19/23)


Sometimes purchase specs contain interesting phraseology:


"All redmarking shall be done in grey"


"The software shall assign sequence numbers automagically"


"The executive program shall be provided to be the models execution flow control allocator"


Even though many of LSSD's customers were electric power utility companies, this did not prevent the occasional lawsuit with them (opens in new window).


In the late 1970s and early 1980s, inflation in the US was severe. This resulted in large raises each year. As inflation abated, around 1983, the raises were smaller. During one review cycle, managers were ordered NOT to tell employees the percent raise.


Sometimes, when there was complicated logic in a model, the engineer would produce code with less than ideal explanation of the code. One of the customers posted this example on their bulletin board, with a comment about how simple the code was (click to get larger version in new window)


logic equation


(Personal observation by Phil H):

Both the power plant and the military trainers have many acronyms for the parts of the equipment being simulated. For example: HPCS (High Pressure coolant system), RCIS (Rod Control and Information System), APRM (Average Power Range Monitor) and MAPLHGR (Maximum Average Planar Linear Heat Generation Rate) on the power plant side, and equally strange things on the military side.


The observation is: Most people working on the power plants not only know the acronyms, but also their meaning. On the military side, most people don't know the meaning - they regard the acronym as a new vocabulary word.



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