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The fate of the Link name after the breakup of Singer

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The information below is from memory and short Internet searches; if you find errors, please let us know!

The Singer company decided to sell off the sewing machine business to concentrate on aerospace work. Here is an article about that decision.

When Bilzerian sold off parts of the Singer company, the aircraft simulation portion went to CAE , headquartered in Toronto, with a major aircraft simulation operation in Montreal.

Commercial simulation operations (mostly power plant) were spun off into a separate company which was not allowed to use the Link name. It was variously called Industrial Simulation Corporation, S3 Technologies, GSE Systems, and other names. During this time, there was a great number of mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, management rearrangements, and other corporate calisthenics.

When the dust settled on the commerical operations, GSE Systems remained. It is much smaller than in the heyday of the 1980s, since the market is much smaller. Of course, like all the other pieces of Link, they claim all of its history.

The right to use the Link name rested for a while with the British subsidiary, Link-Miles in Lancing, UK. This was absorbed by Thomson CSF which was absorbed by another company, and eventually became Thales. The Link name apparently went unused in the US for a period of time

Then the L-3 Communications company revived the Link name for its military simulator line, and used it in the US. There were other sales etc subsequently - see a chronology here


Bilzerian managed to avoid paying penalties to the government. A description of some of his activties was published by the Wall Street Journal in 2014. This article includes links to audio recordings by various people involved.



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