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From left to right:
[Walt Koscelniak] [Lt. Madsen]

This and the next two pictures were taken for the acceptance of 20H5 SN 2 at the Great Lakes Naval Training Center, Ill. 20H5 trainers were operator trainers for the DD963 Spruance class destroyer Engineering systems. Serial numbers 1 through 4 were built at Silver Spring. Each device consisted of 5 main units. The 3 Simulated shipboard consoles, Propulsion Auxiliary Control Console (PACC), Propulsion Local Control Console (PLCC), and Electric Plant Control Console (EPCC). Plus the digital computer and instructors station. The PACC is seen as background in the attached photos.
The schedule called for the truck to deliver the trainer on Monday 1/15/1979 but the base was still closed after a blizzard that hit the previous Friday and Saturday. I dont think it was any more than 19 inches of snow that fell but the drifting made it a real adventure. We were allowed on base Wednesday and the CBs offloaded the equipment for us since they were the only ones with a forklift that could operate in the snow.


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